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Castle Builder is a video slot developed by Rabcat and it is the favorite game for many people. The game is satisfying for several reasons, but the main factor is its visual and challenging concept. Castle Builder is classical 5 reels 3 rows slot game, but there is nothing usual in its visual.RTP of the game is 96.47% which is not overly generous but is pretty high for a game like this. The volatility of the game is low to medium which means that you will be able to get winning combinations pretty often. Castle Builder has 15 different pay lines, which makes your chances even bigger.

The minimum coin size in this game is 0.1 and the maximum is 1, while the minimum and maximum coins per line are both 1. The Jackpot of the game is 200 which is high compared to the bet you make. What makes the game even more interesting is a bonus round, which is pretty generous actually. While playing, you will explore 15 kingdoms, build 75 castles and meet more than 300 characters. As I already said, the game is unique, and in this Castle Builder review, we will talk about every single feature of the game.

Castle Builder Review

Castle Builder Visual and Audio

We should definitely start our Castle Builder review with the visual of the game. It is obvious, that Rabcat worked very hard on the visual of the game, and this work was not in vain, as Castle Builder has an astonishing theme. The game catches our eyes with the bright colors and high-class graphics. It has the aesthetics of the Middle Ages, which will be very satisfying for you if you are a fan of this age. Castle Builder has a huge game world and offers the freedom to explore it by your own choices. Before you start playing, you have to choose your character, they all come with different skills. Once the game begins, you will see reels on the right side of your screen and the island on the left, that is the place where you should build your empire.

The background changes as you unlock a new kingdom, where you can build a new castle. The aim of the game is to collect the finest material to build a bigger and better castle for the prince or princess. The symbols of the Castle Builder are also connected to Middle Ages and the goal of the game – Building your dream castle. The audio of Castle Builder is really impressive too: It has calm music accompaniment for your playing time and cute sound effects. If you are not a fan of listening to music while playing, you can simply mute the game by pressing the setting button on the bottom right side of your screen.

Castle Builder Rules – How Do You Play It?

You may find difficulties understanding the whole concept of the game, so you can use this review as your Castle Builder Guide. As an advanced slot game, Castle Builder has more rules than classical slot games, but it does not make it any harder to play. As I already said, before starting the game, you should choose your character and it is important which one you use because they all come with different skills. Sam, who is an old man and experienced builder, comes with the ability to construct the highest quality castles. Mandy has solid construction skills and a feminine charm, which lids her to getting a lot of help for free. You have to complete the playing cycle with Sam and Mandy to get the mysterious third character and new territories. You simply need to spin the reels by using the green button in order to collect building materials, which are the symbols of the slot. Wood is low-value material, Bricks are a common medium value, Granit is high value and it is rare, and finally, there is  Iron Ore,  which is the highest value and very rare.

Once you collect enough materials to make the palette full, building rock is formed and is added to construction to progress the building process. besides the material symbols, there are rings, gold, treasure box, and crown symbols, which helps you win more coins. Finally, there is a wild card with the character symbol, which can replace any other symbol, and a free spin symbol which will win you Castle Builder free spins if you get three or more of them in the right combination. Once you complete the building process of the castle, the prince or princess should choose the admirer to marry. Admirers are seeking a chance to marry rich in the royal family, so it is obvious that the more big and beautiful the castle is, the more admirers you get. Just like in real life, there are poor, medium, and rich admirers and you should choose wisely because they only reveal their riches after the wedding.


Castel Builder Paytable – How Much Can You Win?

As the low volatility slot, you may think that Castel BUilder has not much to offer, but actually, the paytable is pretty generous. The winning combinations are straight lines, triangles, zigzags and finally, they give you 15 pay lines,  which is pretty high.  The lower-paying symbols are the material symbols. Wood will pay you 8 coins if you get 3 of them in a winning pay line, 16 coins if you get 4, and 40 coins if you get 5. Next is the Brick symbol, which will win you 12 coins if you get 3 of them in the right combination, 24 coins if you get 4, and 60 coins if you get 5 of the brick symbols.

Then, there is Granite, which will pay you 16 coins if you get 3 of them in a winning line, 50 coins if you get 4, and 100 coins if you are lucky enough to get 5 of them in the right combination. The last material symbol is Iron Ore, which is the highest symbol of its kind and will make you 20 coins richer if you get 3 of them in a  pay line, 100 coins if you get 4, and 200 coins if you get 5. Then there are higher paying symbols like rings, gold, treasure box, and crown. The ring symbol will win you 30 coins if you get 3 of them in a winning line, 150 coins if you get 4, and 500 coins if you get 5. The gold symbol will pay you 40 coins if you get 3 of them in the right combination, 200 coins if you get 4, and 1000 coins if you get 5 of the golden symbols. The treasure box symbol will bring you 50 coins if you get 3 of them in a winning line, 500 coins if you get 4, and 2000 coins if you get 5 of them in a combination.

The crown symbol is even more generous because it will pay you 100 coins if you get three of them in a pay line, 1000 coins if you get 4, and 10 000 coins if you get 5 of them in a winning combination. Finally, there is a wild card with the character symbol on it, which can also pay you if the winning pay line contains a free spin symbol. It will make you 100 coins richer if you will be lucky enough if you get 3 of them in the right combination, 1000 if you get 4, and 10 000 if you get 5 of the wild card symbols. It is noteworthy that, because of the game’s features which let you feel the taste of the progress, playing Castle Builder free is just as amusing as betting.

Castle Builder Unique Features

Castle Builder is a very special slot game with several unique features, which makes the game one of the most interesting slot games of all time. First of all, can you think of any other slot game which makes you so tuned in to the game? The developer of Castle Builder made sure that the players will not be able to stop spinning. The fact that you build something with your winnings and all the spinning is not just for the money, makes everyone more motivated to play and build a castle of their dreams, but even once you are done building, the game is not over. You made all this progress to impress the admirers of the prince or princess and after you finish the castle, you are responsible to choose which admirer is a perfect march.

Secondly, it gives you an opportunity to choose a player and that makes the game even more interesting. The characters come with several skills and help you to build your castle in different ways. Once you complete the cycle of the game with two characters, the game will unlock the third one, which will give you even more opportunities. besides the switching characters, Castle Builder gives you a chance to travel around the game world and build your castle in various places. All this traveling and changing characters make the game much more interesting.

It is noteworthy, that the game values your achievements and gives you achievement flags that help you to track your overall progress. There are five different flags with different symbols and all of them challenge you to complete different tasks to get the flag. There is a Career Ladder, which shows you your rank in building, Misc which shows your role in the game from “knock on wood” to “wedding planner”, then there is a cup symbol which changes from bronze to diamond according to your achievements, a medal which is given for completing tasks and castles, which shows you the locations of the castles that are build by you. Once you go higher on your job ladder, an icon of your character changes and becomes cooler, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

Castel Builder Guide

Castle Builder Bonus Round

Besides the interesting theme, dazzling visual and audio, challenging concept, and amusing characters, what makes the game so special is the Castle Builder bonus round. In fact, Castle builder has two different bonus round to offer. the first one is the classical free spin bonus. Once you get 3 free spins scatter symbols, you will be able to use your ten free spins. There is not much happening during the bonus round – the paytable remains the same and there is no multiplier either, but it is still good to know, that you may win without betting anything.

The second kind of bonus round is when you arrange marriage. You are building the castle to attract admirers for a princess. It is really important to build a nice castle, because the bigger castle is, the more admirers you get. You are the one who is responsible to choose Mr. right for the princess. Admirers only show their fortune after the wedding, so some of them may seem rich but they have not much money to offer. It is important to choose carefully because the wise choice can bring you a big win.

Castle Builder bonus

FAQ on Castle Builder Features

Is Castle Builder easy to play?

Castle Builder has a better concept than other slot games. You travel in 15 kingdoms, build 75 castles and meet more than 300 characters, and it is logical, that the game has more compared to basic slot games, but it does not make Castle Builder more complicated at all.

Is the paytable of Castle Builder good?

RTP of the game is 96.47% and the volatility is low to medium. You may think, that as a low volatility slot, Castle Builder has not much to offer, but the paytable of the game is pretty generous. It has 15 different pay lines and 9 winning symbols including the wild card, plus the free spin symbol, which makes winning big money more real.

Can I play Castle Builder free?

Yes, you can play Castle Builder for free and in fact, there is no other slot game that is still this interesting when you are playing for free. The game has features that let you taste the progress and the various fun rounds make it even more enjoyable.

Can I use crypto to play Castle Builder?

You can use cryptocurrency if you play on a casino website that offers the clients crypto services. There are several websites like this, for instance, Avalon 78, 7Bit Casino, or PlayAmo.

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